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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management


Many businesses have accelerated their online commerce capabilities.

However, it is not just a online store you need, your supply chain order fulfilment capability is likely even more relevant to be successful. Dynamic 365 Intelligent order management steps in this area, providing you with highly automated capabilities for order fulfilment. Build a fulfilment model for your supply capabilities, based on various constrains and rules their can be managed. Monitor fulfilment cycle times and detect issues instantly. Integrate with order data sources, internally and externally. Manage distribution flows and improve as you go. Get insights in where you perform well and where to improve.



  • Intelligent distributed order management
  • Manage order constrains
  • Handle and process customer returns
  • Optimize stock levels
  • Track all order flow
  • Deep insights into order fulfilment KPI’s

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