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Gear up your digital transformation program

Ardenfort's business process driven methodology.

We combine Microsoft best practices with our methodology to drive a 'no nonsense' process focused on your results.
Project Services

Our one-team approach, combined with leading tools and processes in digital transformation is tailored to your success.

After the program or project is formalised, we start with a clear identification of your objectives and expected results. These success factor are embedded into the project and communicated to the stakeholders and team members. We have managed both small and enterprise grade projects, spanning multiple countries and multiple roll-out iterations. See the full process below.

Plan and Budget

We factor in your strategic goals and consider customer journeys, organisational model, resourcing capacity, internal skillset and potential. These considerations help formulate a budget, plan and implementation methodology.

Architect and Design

Our team of business process experts work with you to identify your business process hierarchy for the core and supporting process groups. We identify which of your business capabilities are strategically differentiating and at what level of performance they should operate. With this in mind, we design the ideal business application architecture while also mapping the business processes directly to executable steps in the business application.

Migrate and Test

To mitigate your risks and ensure success we rely on our experience of legacy data extraction and transformation. Our systematic approach ensures a smooth flow to execution on User Acceptance Testing and Cut-Over data migration. Testing iterations are predefined with success criteria and clear objectives.

Excite and Implement

We have extensive experience training and guiding teams and helping them understand the applications in the context of their roles. We tailor training sessions to maximise output and relevance for your team; basing it on the Business Process content created earlier on. Once the new business application is in production, we support your people with hyper-care in the first period.

Achieve and Improve

Our process is ongoing, and achievement can be celebrated by measuring the Goals and KPIs that were set at the beginning. As your strategy evolves and technology improves, we team up on driving further return on investment and helping you gain competitive edge.

ROI Driven

Your success is our priority. We focus on project governance with clearly defined roles & responsibilities, communication method and frequency, while reporting earned value (EVM) and on predefined goals and KPIs.

Plan & Budget

Each milestone or project will be carefully planned in terms of workload related to the set goals and expectations. The outcome is an overall solution design with strategies for data migration, integration, what Dynamics 365 licenses are needed and a Fit/Gap outcome.

Based on that we will be able to produce the program planning, resource, team and skill setup and the scope based budget and milestones.

Architect & Design

Based on the plan and budget cycle for the project or program the architecture and design will be created and confirmed in a collaborative team setup between the customer and the Ardenfort team. We will use the best tools, like Lifecycle services, Microsoft DevOps and the RapidValue BPM suite if applicable to digitally capture the outcomes. Once this phase completes, we can move forward into the actual implementation and build part of the project services.

All process are documented carefully and will form the basis for detailed scoping, testing and acceptance and user documentation.

Migrate & Test

This phase consist of data migration and testing. at Ardenfort we start early with the data migration process, to ensure your team works with your data as soon as possible increase adoption rate. We use tools such as Azure Data Factory and native Dynamics 365 migration tools to get the job done in collaboration with your team who prepares the data required.

The testing cycle is all about validation, quality and sign-off. From our BPM process flows we test all flows in scope until signed off.

Excite & Implement

This phase runs parallel with data migration and build. Testing can happing after this phase or also in parallel.

Once the initial data migration give the team your data and the main configuration and business app setups are in place, we push forward to provide business process based with a golden configuration of the business model that is staged for production. During testing and implementation we focus on the actual use cases with your team members and making sure the run from start to finish.

When ready, we move into user acceptance testing and adoption based on the agreed knowledge transfer model. We put your people in the driver seat so that they become excited and confident.

Once all test are green and training is completed we move the complete configuration and data migration into production mode to Go-Live.

Achieve & Improve

Many projects are the sum of many parts. Not all parts are needed in the first iteration of a project or program. Therefore we will first support the Go-Live with hyper-care and next up we can plan the next cycle starting again with Plan and Budget. At the same the application lifecycle management process starts to make sure you are benefiting from new releases and new features that are released, whilst teaming up on performance and best use as well as up-time.

Results driven teamwork and client success.

Together we focus as a team to get the project done. Our approach is no-nonsense and focused on proven tools and processes. We want you to be successful and reap the benefits.

Service Benefits

  • Focus on goals and results
  • Drives best outcomes
  • People oriented teamwork
  • Provide confidence and quality
  • Agile or Waterfall based BPM
  • Transparent scope of work
  • Detailed progress tracking
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