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Do You Wish You Could Sell More?

If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t making all the sales that your business needs. But have you taken time out to wonder why that is?


The way we do sales today has changed, and so too has the way customers interact with us when it comes to sales. On average buyers today spend only 6% of their time with each vendor. Which begs the question, are you getting enough airtime? And how can you make the most of it?

Even with the best, most highly-skilled team, sales results will be unpredictable without the right process and the right technology. We, at Ardenfort, work with our customers to bottom out effective sales processes and embed them in a technology solution.

The Ideal Outcome

As a world class sales organisation this is what you want to be able to say about yourself:

  • We achieve all the high quality sales needed to exceed our growth and profit targets.
  • Our sales team forecasts accurately and always knows where we stand with our customers and prospects. 
  • We follow a robust sales process and utilise a CRM system to systematically win new clients and develop existing accounts.

How would you rate yourself against these statements?

It’s a journey. But in getting there, you might meet some bumps in the road. An effective, repeatable sales process and accompanying CRM solution is needed to help you achieve world-class success.

Are These The Stumbling Blocks You’re Facing?

If you’re struggling to reach this point, it’s probably one or more of these factors that’s holding you back:

  • Ineffective sales leadership
  • Inconsistent sales process
  • Poorly trained sales team
  • Lack of visibility of what’s really going on
  • Not equally good at hunting and farming
  • Reinventing the wheel in each sales cycle
  • Not selling the right sort of business
  • Sales that are not predictable


When we speak to sales directors whose sales are not where they want them to be, the fundamental message they give us is that they feel as though they are not in control. At Ardenfort, we can provide you with the tools, systems and solutions that give you back that sense of control.


It’s also important to remember that generating sales is not always the preserve of people with ‘sales’ in their job title. Any individual that interacts with customers and prospects is going to trip across opportunity, or, at the very least, may affect whether you make a sale or not. That includes customer service executives, project staff, even delivery drivers and people dealing with billing enquiries. They all need to be plumbed into your sales engine, and everyone needs to have buy-in. 

Often we hear things like, “A CRM system is a tax on my time. I should be out there selling, rather than doing admin.” If a salesperson, or any other member of your team,  does not believe that a CRM solution will help them to make more sales, any initiative will fail. 

We build any system around your people, helping them get organised and focused on the activities that really matter.

The Solutions We Offer

To help you build your world-class sales organisation, we can support you with:

  • Sales automation, leaving you the space and time for strategic activities.
  • AI solutions that uncover best next actions so your team are at peak effectiveness.
  • Transparency of sales, marketing and operational communications across the business so that you appear ‘joined-up’ to your customers.
  • Integrated marketing, sales and operational systems for more efficiency and insight.
  • Guided sales processes that give your team repeatable success.
  • Sales forecasts based on AI and real data, rather than hunches, so you can make informed decisions.
Subscription Specialists

Edward's Subscription Take

Businesses that are using, or moving, to a subscription model face some unique challenges. Getting a new customer is always hard, but getting them to stick around is vital to make this business model work. But the very best not only have very low churn rates, they are consistently great at upsell too.

Edward Borg Grech
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