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What sort of business problems are clients facing?

The kind of problems that we hear about all the time generally fall into 4 categories…

Financial Control

Do you feel in control of your finances?

Lack of control might be in the area of finance operations. Ask yourself the question … how many spreadsheets are required to run the finance side of your business? Too many? Inaccuracies and a lack of transparency can creep in. That never feels good.

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Quality Leads

Are you generating enough quality leads?

When we talk about generating quality leads, it’s important to emphasise the word ‘quality’. Many companies we talk to don’t understand what a quality lead is for them, because they haven’t done the analysis to know what a great customer looks like.

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Sales Success

Do you wish you could sell more?

The way we do sales today has changed, and so too has the way customers interact with us when it comes to sales. On average buyers today spend only 6% of their time with each vendor. Which begs the question, are you getting enough airtime? And how can you make the most of it?

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Operational Excellence

How do your customers, suppliers and staff rate your operational processes?

Many organisations that we engage with measure and act on customer satisfaction scores. But when it comes to operational excellence companies don’t often measure supplier or staff satisfaction. But remember … customers are only one part of the picture.

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