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Are You Generating Enough Quality Leads?

When we talk about generating quality leads, it’s important to emphasise the word ‘quality’. Many companies we talk to don’t understand what a quality lead is for them, because they haven’t done the analysis to know what a great customer looks like.

Understanding what your perfect customer looks like means finding them will be a whole lot easier. Most businesses improve overall success by improving lead quality. 

But even if you do know what a good lead looks like – are you generating enough of them? Do you know the best channel to communicate with prospects? And are you getting the right messages to the right people? Are you giving them the right calls to action to make it easy to engage with you? 

These are the things that end up significantly increasing the quantity of the leads that you will get, and here at Ardenfort, we can help you do that.

The Ideal Outcome

As a world class marketing function, this is what you want to be able to say about yourself:

  • Everyone in the business can articulate our value proposition(s) relevant to our target market(s), and differentiated from the competition.
  • Launching new products and services is straightforward. We know our perfect customers, their needs, how to communicate with them, and are effective in optimising the channels by which we reach them. 
  • We act upon the right data and KPIs to consistently generate the qualified leads we need, and minimise churn.

How would you rate yourself against these statements?

It’s a journey. But along the way, you might meet some bumps in the road. An effective, repeatable lead generation process and accompanying integrated marketing solutions are needed to help you achieve world-class success. 

Are These The Stumbling Blocks You’re Facing?

If you’re struggling to reach this point, it’s probably one or more of these factors that’s holding you back:

  • Insufficient differentiation from the competition.
  • Launching new products and services is too hard.
  • Not knowing who the perfect customers are or their needs.
  • Not knowing how best to communicate with our perfect customers.
  • Our communication channels are not optimised.
  • We don’t have the right insight to efficiently generate leads.
  • We don’t have the right insight to minimise churn.
  • We only have a rear-view mirror and even then, we argue about the numbers.


We rarely come across organisations that are equally good at hunting and farming.


Most companies are better at one than the other, and this is a missed opportunity. If you are great at looking after existing customers, but don’t know where to find new ones, or vice versa, then you are missing out on business opportunity.  

In order to grow you need to get more out of your existing customer base, but also be in a position to find new ones, and offer new products that appeal to both. Many companies find that innovation challenging.  

In addition we need to determine and then execute the right balance of inbound and outbound marketing techniques. In a time when response rate to email campaigns and advertising has become more and more challenging, the key is understanding how to find the right people at the right time. How do you capture their details and keep them warm until the point they are ready to have a conversation? And how do you keep the conversation going? That is how a well-planned and integrated customer journey with automated triggers can work for you. 

The Solutions We Offer

  • Campaign automation, leaving space and time for strategic activities and optimisation 
  • AI to uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing the quantity of quality leads  
  • AI to uncover customers likely to churn, protecting your current revenue streams 
  • The ability to communicate the right message at the right time via the right channel,  giving you the power to increase quality leads,  and opportunities to convert 
  • Integrated marketing, sales and operational systems, allowing you to take the right steps at the right time for every lead 
  • Numbers that can be relied upon, giving you real analysis of accurate data to maximise quality leads
Subscription Specialists

Edward's Subscription Take

When it comes to subscriptions one of the key things we need to look at is churn. With customers on subscription the key metric is always how long can you keep them. How you do that is by communicating in the right way, to make sure they are getting the most out of their subscription, and producing relevant and attractive offers to upsell.

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