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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing


Marketing concentrates on driving brand awareness and push for lead generation.

In today’s world a lot of marketing has shifted to online. In that sense, marketing focuses on building and transforming customer journeys that are intelligent, personal and can run at scale. This is where the Dynamics 365 Marketing business application fits in. Run promotions as journeys to attract new business, by engineering step by step how leads or contacts can be engaged with the right information at the right time. Track leads and rate their interest so that you focus on the right leads first. Convert marketing qualified leads into sales leads.



  • Build customer journeys for any possible scenarios
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Social marketing integration
  • Build marketing assets and integrate to your websites using A/B and AI
    driven testing
  • Powerful segmentation capabilities
  • Push notifications
  • Lead scoring and rating
  • Manage contract details securely in the Microsoft Cloud.

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