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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales


Boost your sales teams, equipping them with automated sales playbooks and workflow tracking the lifecycle from lead to order.

Get leads from Dynamics 365 Marketing or from other sources to drive interaction with contacts and accounts. Manage your product catalogue with clear descriptions and product details as well a price lists and discount strategies. Manage existing accounts and up- and cross sell. Manage opportunity pipeline and track scoring throughout. With Dynamics 365 Sales you automate emails, follow ups and sales teams are empowered with structured step-by-step processes to activate your digital selling capabilities.



  • Create structures sales processes and playbooks
  • Manage leads and opportunities, including intelligent AI driven scoring models
  • Track all interaction, including emails and phone calls with accounts, contacts, or leads
  • Set and track sales targets and goals
  • Drive digital pipeline management processes
  • Understand competition in deals
  • Get deep sales insights into each engagement or deal
  • Create and send beautiful quotes and proposals
  • Integrate with Teams to collaborate externally and internally
  • Manage your portfolio of products and services or project service types
  • Win new orders or drive up- and cross selling sales

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